Make those floors look like new without the mess…

If your hardwood floors have minor scuffs and scratches, along with minor wear and tear or slight discoloration, screening and recoating may be a great fix for your home. This process will enhance the appearance of wood floors, plus it has the potential to add an additional five years or more of life to your floors. The other great benefit is that screening and recoating will create minimal dust compared to sanding and refinishing. Depending on the size of your floors, this process can be done in just one day!

This process costs just a fraction of sanding and refinishing. And, unlike sanding and refinishing, this can be done on engineered hardwood floors as well. Before you replace your floors, call Fresh Start to find out what options we can provide for you.

*Please note that we will need to do an inspection to determine if your floors are a candidate for this service as deeper damage may not be able to be repaired using this technique.